For example, in schools, Hatha yoga rooms, church congregations, city halls, bank reception halls etc.
You can either order one of the two poster series A or B with 14 posters each – or both series A + B with a total of 28 posters. If you order one of the series or both series, you will receive free additional 5 exhibition posters for announcing your exhibition, plus the two introductory text posters.
PLEASE NOTE that the main exhibition poster and the two introductory text posters are printed in English, but the short titles on all other posters are in German language. However, the pictures of course are in the universal language everyone understands…
Small exhibition with series A or B with 14 posters plus the two introductory text posters plus the exhibition poster at the stand. All posters are in the format 70x50cm (about 20” x 27,5″), whereby the white frame is already contained on the poster.
The fixing of the posters on the wall is easy, inexpensive and without trace with the clay-putty of the company Pritt from the stationery to accomplish.
Large exhibition with series A and B, each with 14 = 28 posters, plus the two introductory text posters plus the exhibition poster
All posters in the format 70x50cm (about 20” x 27,5″). In the case of three posters on top of each other, an large exhibition can be mounted on a space of 10m (about 33 feet) in length and 2.10m (6,9 feet) in height (plus 1m (3,3 feet) from the ground) if you leave about 30cm (1 foot) between the posters.
Here the book is displayed on a solid stand beside the little tree. The sales table for books and posters can be placed in the entrance area or here in the exhibition.
This kid has already understood everything. He wants to touch the center of life force!

“The Long Night of Art”, an event in the German town of Gütersloh
On Saturday, May 21, 2016, we will present an exhibition on microscopic images of crystallized organic foods within the framework of the Long Night of Art.
7-12 pm, admission free.

What can be seen in this exhibition means nothing less than a quantum leap in the ability to recognize food quality: the most beautiful images of the life or order of organic foods from the book “The Invisible Power within Foods – A Comparison of Organic and Nonorganic” are displayed on large-area posters by AW Dänzer. Quality becomes visible in a universal language; The nature conveys highly complex messages very artistically. In addition, sound collages invite you to relax on natural sound transducers. At every full hour, there is a short tour through the exhibition.

The related book can be purchased in the Café fairleben. The exhibition was kindly provided by the author free of charge. Further information: LangeNachtderKunst.de and organic-nonorganic.info