"Your book “The Invisible Power within Foods" I got as a birthday present. I'm excited!
You have created a true masterpiece as well as a work of art. May many people get this into their hands (which I will gladly support) and realize that only BIO serves the WHOLE… May all beings be happy and healthy!
Thank you from the heart"

Silvia Widmer

Practice for body therapy, Wetzikon, Switzerland
"Thank you very much for your wonderful, thought-provoking and inspiring book "The Invisible Power within Foods".
The pictures are fascinating. I never thought organic food was so perfectly beautiful.
In contrast, the non-bio foods are repulsive, sad. This really makes us think and go deep.
I find your idea very good to label the organic foods in the shops with crystallization pictures. I can imagine this very well, and it is a very real idea. In the future this must become a reality.
I am very impressed with the pictures of the rosemary after the microwave heating. It is like burnt, simply incredible. When people are told that the food is dead after heating in the microwave, they look funny and disbelieving. My mother reacts physically very strongly to microwave radiation.
Whenever possible, I buy and I eat organic food. In the summer we have everything from our own garden. Your book has stirred up a lot of questions. This means that it is a MUST for me to convert completely to organic food, although they are still still more expensive. Because with everything else, I'm messing my body and weakening it.
Thank you for all you do to keep people healthy and bring them back to health. A compliment as well to your Chi drink. I love it and will enjoy it more often in the future. All the best and continue to have a lot of strength for all the wonderful and beautiful things you do."

Claudia S., Langnau (Switzerland)